Wednesday, September 16, 2009

more changes

Some photos of the fun we've had this month...

Science experiments with Daddy (that's a mock-up of a steam engine made from an olive can and some copper tubing)
S'mores in the backyard of Philip's parents' house
An ice cream treat at the zoo with cousin Sky (they are SO sweet together!)
Fun sliding down the 'Ant Hill' at the zoo...cardboard on AstroTurf makes a fantastic sled!
Jonathan nabbed a tray someone had brought over to the Ant Hill, and had fun using a tummy-sliding approach

Obviously, I haven't been blogging. It makes me a bit sad, but I also think it's been a good thing. I've 'disconnected' myself from most of my online activities (including emailing time, blog surfing, blog posting, etc...), and life feels a bit calmer, despite all the things going on at home.

We decided to split the master bedroom back to two smaller bedrooms (a previous owner had converted it into one bowling-alley-esque 13' x 28' room). Now, we have two smaller, but more than adequate, rooms - including a guest room!

My parents were able to take advantage of that new guest room (albeit without a door, as the doors had to be custom-made because of size), and just left this morning to fly back home to Missouri. I miss them already.

I've been going to LOTS of doctor visits, still trying to determine the cause of my fainting spells, and to determine whether there is a treatment that will control the spells and allow me to drive again.

We've been walking a lot: trips to the grocery store, Daniel's school, hardware store, UPS store, our family practioner's office, restaurants... I'm feeling very blessed to live where we do, with a ~10 minute walk to everything we *need* (and more).

Daniel started school 4 weeks ago, and is LOVING kindergarten. He's so excited to go, each and every day (though his favorite is Thursdays, which is his 'share day') *wink*

I started scrapbooking! Stay tuned for photos coming soon...I need my sweet DH to figure out why I can't download the photos at the moment. *sigh*

I'm planning to get back to my blog, but I'm going to take it slow. Please bear with me! *grins*

Make it a great day! Thanks for stopping by!