Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Is this not one of the cutest faces you've ever seen? (I say "one of" because I have two incredibly adorable boys...*wink*)

This is Jonathan's new favorite obsession. He recently figured out that he's just the right size that if he stands flat against the slider, he fits between it and the vertical blinds perfectly. :) He'll just stand there until someone says "Where's Jonathan?", then he laughs and peeks cute, but too bad it makes me crazy because I'm always worried he'll rip the blinds down. It'll be nice when we're in our new house (this weekend!), and I won't have to worry about messing up a rental. *sigh*

Since my supplies are currently packed/being packed, I haven't been able to make anything (and don't have any time to, regardless!), but look for something soon! I'm hoping to set up my craft room first (who needs a kitchen or bedroom, right?)

Thanks for stopping by! Make it a great day!


Christi Snow said...

He is definitely a little cutie! That face just screams fun! smiles...

Veronica said...

Awww, your little one is adorable! I have a 6 month old son that is on the verge of crawling. He's great at scooting and keeps scooting to places we tell him not to go. This is just the beginning isn't it? =0)

Good luck with your move!!