Thursday, January 29, 2009

More CHA - Maya Road and Heidi Swapp

Maya Road:

(and I didn't even take pictures of the side of the booth with all the sheers and the embellishments! *duh!* Their booth was like eye-candy overload!)

Check out all the chipboard in their darling little suitcase-packaging!:
And some beautiful inspiration pieces and projects:
Love this album with all the different scalloped edges:

Heidi Swapp:

I didn't get an overall look of her booth, but I *loved* this chalkboard display wall with notes written by Heidi:
(I also didn't get a picture of Heidi...she was busy with *real* customers, and I don't take pictures of people unless I have their permission, KWIM?)

These are some new papers she was demonstrating, has raised glossy designs, and you can get *amazing* effects using different products...paints, inks, you name it:
Super cool, and gorgeous designs. Definitely another thing for my wishlist! (Because I need more paper like a hole in my head!) *wink*

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