Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stamps & Supplies Organizer

I thought I'd show this, even though I have plans to remake the tabs and do a new cover thanks to this challenge in the Unity Forum at Splitcoast Stampers. This binder is one I made years ago to keep an index of my stamps and supplies. Happily, I start it before my collection was too large, because it might be overwhelming to do now! (Note: Finding the link for that challenge made me realize it was issued in MAY!! What can I say, it's been a busy couple of months!)

The first image shows a picture of the binder open. (It's a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2" size that I bought at Staples) Like I said, this is the 'old' version, and I'll be reworking my dividers to be more reflective of my stamping style now. The originals were dyed with reinkers and food dye, then stamped with images that coordinate with the tabs. You can also see that I keep things like images masks that I've made in the pockets, so that I don't have to make them again!The second image shows the tabs, with all my stamps divided into categories. Most of my stamps I have unmounted from the wood blocks, put onto EZ Mount, and put into binders under the same categories, so they're really easy to find. (I have HUNDREDS, so that's an important thing, plus having them unmounted takes up WAY less space, which is also really important!) A few favorites, and all of my Stampin' Up! stamps, are on the original wood mount for easy access (I leave my Stampin' Up! sets intact for easy resale, if ever the desire arises).
The third image shows an index of stamps that I've hand-carved from Staedtler MasterCarve, but as Alton Brown says, "That's another show". *wink* I will say that the bird on a branch image is one from a scrapbook paper that I copied because I *needed* it as a stamp, and the hand with the heart was carved to replace a lost one from my Mini Messages set (I use it on the back of all my cards!)
The last image shows a typical "Supplies" page. I list the product, features and uses, item numbers (if applicable), and a sample of the color. I have pages for all my ink pad colors, pens, paints, etc. I also have things like a list of the corresponding Prismacolor pencils for each of the Stampin' Up! colors for reference.
Thanks for stopping by! I'll hopefully have a New and Improved stamp binder to show you soon!


Dragana Skoro said...

Oh, I can only hope to be this organized ever... I am good with my rubber mounted stamps, but clear ones... Wanna come over and help?!?!?! Lol. Seriously, I might have to do this myself, nice job.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed with all that organization!!!! Very cool!

Tracy said...

Wow! That is impressive!

CathyRose said...

This is a great organizational tool! I really need to do this. I even have a little notebook like that. I just don't know where to begin!