Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More craft bazaar items....part 2

On to some polymer clay work... This is not something I've done recently, but are projects 'left over' from a craft fair two years ago. (In case you don't know, I've dabbled in just about every craft medium possible!). I enjoyed working with polymer clay, and love all the possibilities inherent in its makeup (which I have not even BEGUN to exploit). I'm thinking I may have to do something with polymer clay with my MOPS group, just to throw them off now that they think of me as 'the Stamping Craft Chick' *wink*

Anyway, onto the projects. This is a necklace made using instructions from the now off-air Carol Duvall show, from a project by the amazing Donna Kato:
(I'd give you a link, but I can't find it on the HGTV site or Donna Kato's site...I think it may not be archived any longer.)

From the scraps of the background I made for the pendants, I made several tiny pins to look like purses, with wire handles:

Next up are three sets of earrings. They all feature the same base design, a wire-worked chandelier base from a jig I made, but feature different semi-precious stones for the beads...Golden Jade for the first set, Sky Quartz for the second, and Black Obsidian for the third. I also have Turquoise and Blue Sodalite, but I figured you'd get the picture. (Did I mention I like to dabble in different mediums? Wire-working was one of the first I tried *wink*):

One more post of craft fair items to come...stay tuned!

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Holly said...

Must say, Michelle, that I do like wearable art! The earrings and metal work are so intricate. I love, love, love the Amish symbol and its meaning. Hands to work, hearts for God, and he made both. Aaaamen!