Monday, February 16, 2009


1gid·dy \ˈgi-dē\ adjective:
1 a: dizzy <giddy from the unaccustomed exercise> b: causing dizziness giddy height> c: whirling rapidly2 a: lightheartedly silly : frivolous b: joyfully elated : euphoric
(*WARNING: excess gloating and giddiness ahead!*)

Oh yes, I am GIDDY! Why? Well, check this out:Can you believe it?!?! I won one of the PTI Anniversary prizes!! Out of 1407 comments, they picked MINE! **doing a happy dance**

So, what did I win? Check it out at the end of {this post} ...a Spring Basket prize package, worth over $100!! Including the amazing new set Tags for Spring, and a $50 gift even though this will be my first experience using PTI, it's not going to be my last! *grins*

THANK YOU, TONYA!! (She's the one who let me know!)

Okay, that's enough for now... I'll be back later with some actual projects! *wink*


Jacqueline said...

Oh My gosh!!! You lucky duck you!!! Congrats!!! soo cool!!

lori vliegen said...

wow! you have great reason to be giddy!! you've won some fabulous stuff...congratulations! :)

Chris S. said...

OK, you are about to rival Nana in the number of times you win things! Good for you! Can't wait to see your "stuff!"

Shannon said...

Yea for you! You have won how many contests now? I think God is just determined to bless you! Thank you for your offer to help, I am feeling a little bit better today. I would love to Cuttlebug with you :). I ordered 4 new embossing folders and would love to share!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your goodies, hon!! >:0)


Erin Kersh said...

That is great news -- congrats and a big hug from me to you!